About this edition

We are shooting for a very-early-2016 publication of an English-language Style-and-notes edition (similar to Semper: El estilo; see
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.592584777426542.1073741831.571865276165159&type=1&l=f9f5e75312 )

It will include
- translations of relevant passages from Karl Otfried Müller, Handbuch der Archäologie der Kunst (Handbook of the archaeology of art) and Karl Bötticher’s “Entwickelung der Formen der hellenischen Tektonik”, article published in 1840 as an advance for Die Tektonik der Hellenen (The tectonics of the Hellenes, 1844);
- Semper’s inaugural lecture in Zurich, from 1856, translated here as “On the formal laws in adornment, and its meaning as artistic symbol”,
 - hundreds of notes for Semper’s Der Stil/Style, including explanations of terms and references, and fragments of texts by other authors Semper refers to,
 - 1700 illustrations for Semper’s, Müller’s and Bötticher’s texts.

The preliminary readings (Müller, Bötticher, Semper) with translator’s notes and illustrations, allow the reader to understand the framework within which Semper is presenting his text, and sometimes reacting to.

Accessing this complementary material as one reads Semper’s text completely changes the experience of reading Der Stil and restores to its message the richness and clarity it had for Semper and his students.

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